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Supporting Your Local Optima (Professional Bio)

I grew up in New Jersey, then escaped (with almost no evidence of Jersey accent) to do my undergraduate studies at Yale (DC). After graduating from college, I worked for a year in the Speech Recognition Group at the IBM Watson Research Center before moving to Stanford to begin graduate studies in Operations Research.

At Stanford, I earned a PhD under the direction of Professor Walter Murray (research faculty member in the Dept. of Management Science and Engineering, Systems Optimization Laboratory (SOL)) and specialized in optimization modeling and software. What kind of modeling is that, do you ask? Google it, or visit the NEOS guide (def: optimization). As a student, I had internships at IDA-CCR in mathematical cryptography, Sun Microsystems in manufacturing/supply management, ESCA (now AREVA T&D) in electric power systems consulting, and Interval Logic in semiconductor manufacturing planning and scheduling. Upon graduating from Stanford, I started working as an analyst in portfolio optimization and trading cost management, at a couple of well-known quantitative hedge funds with offices in the bay area. A few years later I made a slight career shift to work for Google as an analyst in ads, specializing in pricing and monetization strategies.

Personal Interests

I enjoy exploring San Francisco, keeping in shape (skiing, weightlifting, swimming), listening to live music, travelling, modelling (mathematically), and growing orchids.

So that you don't have to ask ...

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